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Articles on running from the experts at Competitor Magazine and competitor.com. Includes feature articles, interviews, running shoe and gear reviews.

6 U.S. Mile Road Races to Test Your Speed and Go All Out

Mile races present a rare and fun opportunity to go all-out against a big crowd no matter the goal.

25 Short, Fast and Fun American Road Races of 2017

We've rounded up the best races this year ranging from 5K to 10 miles or more that offer unique or amazing experiences.

6 Adult Running Camp Escapes to Recharge Your Running

Retreats that will help you get out of that running rut or give you that much needed "me time."

Why You Should Plan a ‘Runcation’ (And Travel Tips for Runners)

Make a trip out of your next big run and become a pro at traveling for races.

25 Fun Half Marathons You’ll Want to Run This Year

Our favorite can't-miss 13.1-milers in 2017.

25 Must-Do American Marathons in 2017

The 26.2-milers to check out and sign up for in 2017.

Generation Next: Influential and Inspiring Runners Under 30

11 teens and twentysomethings making big impacts in the world of running.

How to Start Your Own Unique Run Crew

For more than a decade, Bridgerunners founder Mike Saes has put his own spin on group running.

How Running Changed These Four People’s Lives

Running's powerful impact on the lives of four everyday people who wouldn't be where they are today without it.

8 Ways to Tone Down Your Inner Running Nerd

Get your geek on without wearing it on your sleeve.

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