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Generation Next: Influential and Inspiring Runners Under 30

11 teens and twentysomethings making big impacts in the world of running.

How to Start Your Own Unique Run Crew

For more than a decade, Bridgerunners founder Mike Saes has put his own spin on group running.

How Running Changed These Four People’s Lives

Running's powerful impact on the lives of four everyday people who wouldn't be where they are today without it.

8 Ways to Tone Down Your Inner Running Nerd

Get your geek on without wearing it on your sleeve.

Medal Mania: Are We Going Overboard with the Awards?

We all love medals, but one runner wonders if the fanfare surrounding finisher medals distracts us from why we really race.

The Pros and Cons of Small Races Versus Big Races

Do you get more from running a small local race or a big city race?

Ancestral Athletes: American Runners Chase Olympic Dreams for Other Countries

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated from the original version posted on July 1 to reflect Olympic results.] David Torrence

How Fitness Personality Robin Arzón Empowers Others to Run

Empowering fitness personality Robin Arzón rewrote the script of her life to overcome challenges and inspire others.

Running Around the World in 7 Days

Glen Avery has run a marathon on each of the seven continents twice, and has yet to run his greatest challenge.

From Broke Gambler to Director of a Running Nonprofit

Terence Gerchberg went from losing everything he owned to changing his life and others’ through running.

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