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Where to Qualify for Boston

The best nine races to run this year to qualify for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

25 Great American Marathons

The best marathons to run in 2016, from big-city spectacles to small-town races with charm.

10 Amazing International Races

Vacation-worthy races to put on your to-do list.

How Far Do Athletes Run in Different Sports?

Which team sport athletes log the most miles?

What’s Trending in 2016?

From it being an Olympic year to next-level wearable tech releases, here are ten trends to watch out for in running this year.

‘Race-cation’ Trip Planning a Booming Business

More and more runners want to combine running with vacations, and businesses are ready to serve.

88-Year-Old Marathoner Keeps on Running

Another record is within reach this weekend at the Honolulu Marathon.

4 Tips for Buying a Treadmill

Owning your own treadmill can be useful, but also a huge purchase. Here's what to look for when treadmill shopping.

Beer Mile World-Record Holder Lewis Kent’s Tips for Drinking on the Run

Here are five tips from Kent for drinking on the run—responsibly, of course!

19 December/January Races to Sign Up For

Winter and holiday-themed races to finish off 2015 or kick-start the new year fast, fit and healthy.

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