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Training On Empty: A Runner’s Struggle With Anorexia

The following has been excerpted from “Training on Empty: A frank memoir of an elite runner who nearly perished from anorexia”

Veteran Mike Sheehy Runs Ultras to Raise Money for Charities

After leaving the military, Mike Sheehy now runs long distances to give back to the community fundraising for local charities.

The Evolution of the Marathon’s Fastest Men

Elite marathoners are easily running at a pace that was considered suicidal just 10 years ago.

9 Must-Do Turkey Trots Across the Nation

We've curated some of the biggest and most popular turkey trots across the nation to check out this year.

The Greatest Running Books: Honorable Mentions Worth Reading

These books didn't make our top 25 list, but they're still worth reading.

18 November/December Races to Sign Up For

Marathon season is in full swing, with plenty of races to test your summer training and to pack in before winter arrives.

5 Places to Run In…New York City

There are some iconic routes to run while in New York City—routes that offer amazing views of the city while keeping you close to the

Q&A: Ryan Hall on His Recent Struggles, His Running Future and His Growing Family

His health has taken a toll, but he's optimistic about the future.

King of Pain: Interview with Marathon Legend Steve Jones

The former world-record holder talks about running past and present.

5 Places to Run In…San Diego

Check out these five places to run year-round in San Diego.

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