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Why You Should Attend a Holistic Running Renewal Camp

Sync your mind and body to maximize your miles at an all-encompassing instructional camp.

30 March/April Races to Sign Up For

Racing this time of the year is largely a function of where you live. For some, the cold and slippery weather limits outdoor time. But for

Go Gordy Go! Ultrarunning Legend Gordy Ainsleigh Earns Western States Qualifier at 68

It wasn't without drama, but Gordy Ainsleigh will be at the start line of Western States.

2016 Running Camps You Should Check Out

Yes, you can (and should) go to a running camp this year.

4 American Adventure Races That Will Test Your Limits

Discover these multisport races in wild locales.

Tips on Surviving an Obstacle Course Race

Get the basics and some expert advice on all types of obstacle course racing.

What Motivates Some Runners To Cheat?

A look at what compels an age-grouper or an elite amateur to risk their health and/or reputation.

19 Wild and Wacky Fun Runs

The nation’s most peculiar yet challenging fun runs in 2016.

25 Iconic American Road Races

Whether you're a 5K or 10K junkie, or just want to try a different race distance, there are events all over the U.S. that put on an amazing

Interview: Ryan Hall On Retirement, His Career, Training and More

We caught up with the American half-marathon record holder after his recent retirement announcement.

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