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How Running Surfaces and Speed Influences Your Risk of Injury

Both speed and running surfaces play a part in causing injuries, but it's not what you might commonly think is creating the problem.

Why Your Upper Back Hurts When You Run

At the end of a long hard run, you expect your legs and lungs to be burning, but your upper back? No way. Unfortunately, “it’s a very

Blisters: A 9-Step Plan for Trail Runners to Address Them

Blisters are a pain for runners, but they can be dealt with and even prevented.

Injuries Suck—Here’s How to Make the Best of Them

Turn your injury into an opportunities.

Why the Big Toe is a Big Part of Running

Why the big toe—and any problems with it—can have a big impact on your running.

Ingrown Toenails: How to Treat and Prevent Them

Make sure ingrown toenails don't slow you down.

How Runners Can Treat and Prevent Knee Arthritis

Find ways to train and maintain fitness while reducing the wear and tear on your knees.

Love Your Maximalist Shoes? What You Need to Know

Mobility, balance and stability are important for all runners, regardless of what style of shoe you you wear.

7 Injuries That Could Be Causing Your Hip Pain

The hip joint is less prone to injury than the lower leg but can still be afflicted by a number of hip pain issues both big and small.

How Runners Can Solve a Sore Achilles Problem

Achilles tendinopathy is treatable—with the proper approach.

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