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The Science (and Strategy) Behind Sweating

This article first appeared on Women’s Running. Sweating is a natural process critical for helping our hard-working bodies deal with

A DIY Guide to Managing IT Band Syndrome

What causes it, and what can you do?

Are Larger Runners More Injury-Prone?

Do Clydesdale and Athena runners have challenges unique to runners of their size?

Runners and GI Issues: An Overview

Here are the foods and habits that often cause GI distress for athletes:

Migranes and Running: 3 Tips to Battle Exertional Headaches

Run-induced headaches are a pain; here's how to keep them in check.

Injury Prevention 101: The Piriformis and the Glute

Some good tips on keeping the outside of your hips mobile and injury-free.

The Runner’s DIY Guide to Knee Pain

Ignoring a knee injury is done at great risk of worsening the damage or causing additional injuries.

Summer’s Here: Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

When it comes to taking your skin seriously, it’s always too early—until it’s too late.

How to Loosen Your Feet With a Golf Ball

As a runner, your feet will take a pounding, regardless of what shoes you wear or how much experience you have. “A lot of runners

Med Tent: Tips for Injury-Free Running

How do you stay injury free? Nothing's guaranteed, but there are things you can do to cut down the risk.

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