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5 Steps to Minimizing Inflammation Without Using Medicine

Some natural and holistic ways to fight inflammation.

The Truth About Shin Splints and Running

Many runners—especially new runners—experience this pain. What should you do?

The Science (and Strategy) Behind Sweating

This article first appeared on Women’s Running. Sweating is a natural process critical for helping our hard-working bodies deal with

A DIY Guide to Managing IT Band Syndrome

What causes it, and what can you do?

Are Larger Runners More Injury-Prone?

Do Clydesdale and Athena runners have challenges unique to runners of their size?

Runners and GI Issues: An Overview

Here are the foods and habits that often cause GI distress for athletes:

Migranes and Running: 3 Tips to Battle Exertional Headaches

Run-induced headaches are a pain; here's how to keep them in check.

Injury Prevention 101: The Piriformis and the Glute

Some good tips on keeping the outside of your hips mobile and injury-free.

The Runner’s DIY Guide to Knee Pain

Ignoring a knee injury is done at great risk of worsening the damage or causing additional injuries.

Summer’s Here: Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

When it comes to taking your skin seriously, it’s always too early—until it’s too late.

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