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How To Beat IT Band Syndrome

Many runners are familiar with the sharp pain associated with IT band syndrome.

Video: Flexibility For Runners

Stretching guru Phil Wharton explains how to lengthen the muscles properly in order to prevent injury and improve performance.

Monday Minute: The Bird Dog

This exercise helps stabilize the hip and lower back muscles to help reduce the risk of injury.

How To Beat Piriformis Syndrome

This hip injury can nagging and painful if not properly diagnosed and treated.

6 Proven Methods For Reducing Aches And Pains

Here are some tried and true suggestions on how to feel better, faster.

How To Treat And Beat Plantar Fasciitis

Kelly O'Mara, like many runners, is all too familiar with the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Monday Minute: Side Bridge Runner

Tim Crowley and friends demonstrate the side bridge runner, an exercise specific to runners that engages the glute medius and promotes both

The Best Ways to Treat Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring strains can be some of the most chronic running injuries. Here are some treatment and prevention tips.

Recovery: Is Professional Guidance Needed?

Returning from an injury might require more than a self-diagnosis and self-treatment, writes Adam Kelinson.

How To Beat Achilles Tendinitis

This nagging injury can be long-lasting if not treated — and if your running form needs some work.

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