I’m A Competitor : Page 2

I’m A Competitor: Bob Africa

A Q&A with KidRobot president and avid ultra-endurance athlete Bob Africa.

I’m A Competitor: Nicholas Sparks

This bestselling author likes to run, and he still owns a record from his college days.

I’m A Competitor: Ellie Goulding

Even musicians that tour the globe find time to run.

I’m A Competitor: Esther Lofgren

The 28-year-old Olympic champion qualified for Boston in her first marathon last year.

I’m A Competitor: Brad Ludden

The whitewater kayaker shares his thoughts on running, how he got started in the sport, and his upcoming race schedule.

I’m A Competitor: Jay Richardson

43-year-old has run five marathons and completed nine Ironman triathlons.

I’m A Competitor: Jesse Itzler

Former rapper has run the ING New York City Marathon every year since 1994.

I’m A Competitor: Cobi Jones

We caught up with the former World Cup soccer star.

I’m A Competitor: Jan Fields

We caught up with the former president of McDonald's USA.

I’m A Competitor: Sean Astin

The busy actor, director and producer talks about racing, cross training and how he wants everyone to run for a cause with #Run3rd.

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