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My Favorite Things: Paige Siemers

We catch up with the top American woman at the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Behind the Scenes: May 2014 Cover And Fashion Spread Shoot

See how all the magic happens!

The Penguin Chronicles: The Perfect Race

John Bingham shares one of his proudest moments as an athlete. What's yours?

There’s A Running App For That!

New running apps are popping up all the time. Here are five you should consider adding to your digital dashboard.

Crazy About Running: Going The Extra Miles

These runners have pulled off some amazing running feats. Are they superhuman, obsessed or just out of their minds?

The Long Run: Eating On The Run

How much is too much? Or not enough?

My Favorite Things: Jill Czarnik

Learn how this speedy Illinois runner got started and what goals she hopes to tackle down the road.

My Favorite Things: Rory Bosio

This California-based professional ultrarunner is always on her feet whether she's training, working as a pediatric intensive care nurse,

Dynamic Warmups Make You Stronger, Faster

Five minutes of this before one run can make a world of difference.

Flagstaff, Ariz.: A High-Altitude Getaway For Runners

Experience a runner's "high" on the trails of this Northern Arizona town.

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