The Long Run

The Long Run: The Science Of Sweating

Learn how to perform a sweat test and ensure that you're always properly hydrated.

The Long Run: What Runners Can Learn From Running

Ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek shares the lessons he's learned through the years.

The Long Run: Eating On The Run

How much is too much? Or not enough?

The Long Run: Putting Recovery To Work

Use these recovery techniques to bounce back quicker after hard efforts.

The Long Run: Running Wild in Ethiopia

In the African nation, running is more of a social activity.

The Long Run: Picking Races

Picking an exotic, overseas race can be hugely motivating.

The Long Run: Eating In The New Year

No matter what nutritional program you choose to follow for 2013, use the tips below to stay on course.

The Long Run: Winter Strength

Mental toughness is indispensable no matter what distances you run.

The Long Run: Running Without Racing

It’s not all about the race; it’s about the run.

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