Junk Miles

I am a Finisher’s Medal Maniac, How About You?

Is anyone else out there a Medal Maniac like I am? I’m talking about the increasingly larger finisher’s medals most running races give

7 Times The Onion Poked Fun at Runners

The satirical news site has had some fun with runners over the years.

Remember When Back to the Future Part III Made Fun of Running?

The 1990 film got a good jab in about "running for fun."

Video: The Wild and Wacky Burning Man Ultramarathon

What one might encounter at the zany 31-mile ultra in the Nevada desert.

What if People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running?

If you need any more evidence that runners have a unique bond with the sport we love, the long-running humor website CollegeHumor.com puts

‘What Are Ya’ll Running From?’—Tennessee Half Marathon Hecklers Go Viral

Franklin Half Marathon runners weren't expecting this.

Kanye West Rocks All-White Adidas Ultra Boosts at Billboard Music Awards

They were hard to see, but the all-white Ultra Boosts made their debut to a large audience.

5 Unique Inventions Geared Toward Runners

Innovation continues to expand the market for running gear.

Junk Miles: Dancing Treadmill Video Has Gone Viral

Taking treadmill training to a different place...

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