Junk Miles

Remember When Back to the Future Part III Made Fun of Running?

The 1990 film got a good jab in about "running for fun."

Video: The Wild and Wacky Burning Man Ultramarathon

What one might encounter at the zany 31-mile ultra in the Nevada desert.

What if People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running?

If you need any more evidence that runners have a unique bond with the sport we love, the long-running humor website CollegeHumor.com puts

‘What Are Ya’ll Running From?’—Tennessee Half Marathon Hecklers Go Viral

Franklin Half Marathon runners weren't expecting this.

Kanye West Rocks All-White Adidas Ultra Boosts at Billboard Music Awards

They were hard to see, but the all-white Ultra Boosts made their debut to a large audience.

5 Unique Inventions Geared Toward Runners

Innovation continues to expand the market for running gear.

Junk Miles: Dancing Treadmill Video Has Gone Viral

Taking treadmill training to a different place...

Junk Miles: Raise Money and Race Against a Tiger

Help save an endangered species just by running.

Junk Miles: Dole Tests Wearable Banana Tech in Tokyo Marathon

The new fitness tracking device is edible and a great source of potassium.

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