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Friday Faceplant: Major Treadmill Fail

Watch the man in the background very closely.

Glasgow Airport Greets Runners With Red Carpet Track

Are you ready to race other travelers to the runway?

Monday Motivation: Underdog Billy Mills Wins Olympic Gold

Watch Olympic history unfold with this incredible and unexpected win.

Friday Faceplant: Mascot Fails To Piggyback World Champion Hurdler

This mascot forgot to jump over the hurdles and ran into a stack of them instead.

Monday Motivation: High School Runner Helps Competitor Across Finish Line

A reminder that running, contrary to common belief, is in fact a team sport.

Friday Faceplant: Running On ‘Water’

If you fall, at least it's softer than the ground.

15 Hilarious Twitter Photos Of Runners And Cats

This may be the most brilliant running meme that has hit the Internet.

Junk Miles: What If Running Was Bad For You?

If running was bad for you, this is what it would look like.

Video: Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say

Barefoot runners are few but growing in numbers, and one of them has a lot to say about the peculiar style of running.

Junk Miles: James Nielsen Breaks Beer Mile World Record

Barriers were made to be broken.

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