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Friday Faceplant: Spanish Athlete Knocked Unconscious By Nasty Steeplechase Fall

Victor Garcia’s race ended abruptly after tripping over the last hurdle in his 3,000-meter steeplechase heat this past Tuesday at the

Monday Motivation: 26.2 Miles On The Great Wall of China

Not every marathon has an ancient monument and World Heritage site on its route.  A part of the Adventure Marathon series organized by

Friday Faceplant: Young Boy Races Elite Marathoners And Trips

This young fan was in the lead until gravity got the better of him.

Monday Motivation: Every Runner Has A Reason

A 54-year-old homeless man uses running to stay healthy and do good.

Friday Faceplant: Treadmill Fails

CAUTION: Do not attempt this at home!

Monday Motivation: Grow Your #MarathonBeard

Growing beards isn't just for ultrarunners—marathoners can get a little hairy too.

Friday Faceplant: 4X100-Meter Relay Runner Takes A Tumble

It's all over when the baton drops.

Monday Motivation: 48-Year-Old Man Runs Sub-4:20 Mile

Don't judge a man's speed by his age.

Friday Faceplant: 110-Meter Hurdle Fail

One misplaced hurdle leads to several unforeseen faceplants.

Monday Motivation: Running A Mile In Swim Fins

Try running a mile under 6 minutes—in swim fins.

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