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Junk Miles: The ‘Talk-About-Running’ Nike Watch

A comedy website pokes fun at runners who constantly talk about running.

Video: Baby Goucher On Running Injuries and Split Shorts

This baby can barely walk or talk, but he knows a thing or two about running.

Friday Faceplant: Usain Bolt Crashes Into Flower Girl

This could have been a very painful accident ...

Junk Miles: What Happens When A Former NFL QB Connects With Two Runners

They can run, but can they catch?

#TBT: ‘Wrong Way’ Silva Wins 1994 NYC Marathon

Who knew a wrong turn could be so right?

Runners: Beware Of The Scary Snowman

Winter may be ending, but its frosty remains play a prank on city joggers before spring sets in.

Monday Motivation: Training With Usain Bolt

Check out this interview with Usain Bolt as he trains in the Jamaican heat. "Behind the scenes is where all the work is done," he said.

A New Take On Running: Man Runs First Human Vertical Loop

A stunt man defies gravity and successfully runs a vertical loop. Check out the amazing footage.

Monday Motivation: 13 Funny Selfies For 13.1 Miles

One runner at the March 16 NYC Half Marathon shows us another reason why we could sign up for half marathons.

Monday Motivation: Running In The White House

As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to promote exercise and a healthier lifestyle for

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