Junk Miles: Page 5

Friday Faceplant: 4X100-Meter Relay Runner Takes A Tumble

It's all over when the baton drops.

Monday Motivation: 48-Year-Old Man Runs Sub-4:20 Mile

Don't judge a man's speed by his age.

Friday Faceplant: 110-Meter Hurdle Fail

One misplaced hurdle leads to several unforeseen faceplants.

Monday Motivation: Running A Mile In Swim Fins

Try running a mile under 6 minutes—in swim fins.

Who Is Faster: Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Angel Rodriguez?

Sprinters are fast. But are they faster than other athletes?

Friday Faceplant: Major Treadmill Fail

Watch the man in the background very closely.

Glasgow Airport Greets Runners With Red Carpet Track

Are you ready to race other travelers to the runway?

Monday Motivation: Underdog Billy Mills Wins Olympic Gold

Watch Olympic history unfold with this incredible and unexpected win.

Friday Faceplant: Mascot Fails To Piggyback World Champion Hurdler

This mascot forgot to jump over the hurdles and ran into a stack of them instead.

Monday Motivation: High School Runner Helps Competitor Across Finish Line

A reminder that running, contrary to common belief, is in fact a team sport.

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