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Friday Faceplant: Usain Bolt Crashes Into Flower Girl

This could have been a very painful accident ...

Junk Miles: What Happens When A Former NFL QB Connects With Two Runners

They can run, but can they catch?

#TBT: ‘Wrong Way’ Silva Wins 1994 NYC Marathon

Who knew a wrong turn could be so right?

Runners: Beware Of The Scary Snowman

Winter may be ending, but its frosty remains play a prank on city joggers before spring sets in.

Monday Motivation: Training With Usain Bolt

Check out this interview with Usain Bolt as he trains in the Jamaican heat. "Behind the scenes is where all the work is done," he said.

A New Take On Running: Man Runs First Human Vertical Loop

A stunt man defies gravity and successfully runs a vertical loop. Check out the amazing footage.

Monday Motivation: 13 Funny Selfies For 13.1 Miles

One runner at the March 16 NYC Half Marathon shows us another reason why we could sign up for half marathons.

Monday Motivation: Running In The White House

As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to promote exercise and a healthier lifestyle for

Friday Fail: What It’s Like To Be Out Of Shape At The Gym

We’ve all had our subpar days at the gym, especially after hectic days at the office that require extensive lounging on the couch at

A New Take On Running: Cartoonist Live-Draws While Running The NYC Marathon

Remember David Babcock, the guy who set a Guinness World Record for the longest scarf knitted while running a full marathon (Read: A New

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