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A New Take On Running: Cartoonist Live-Draws While Running The NYC Marathon

Remember David Babcock, the guy who set a Guinness World Record for the longest scarf knitted while running a full marathon (Read: A New

Friday Face Plant: Best Steeplechase Fail

Doh! BYU track athlete Katy Andrews posted this video of her unconventional, headfirst topple over one of the barriers in a 3,000-meter

Friday Fail: Jogger Slips In The Snow After TV Interview A recent weather report in Portland, Ore., reminds us that snow is in fact slippery and that joggers should take extra caution

‘Man v. Food’ Does The Doughman Challenge

This could quickly turn into a puking disaster.

Monday Motivation: New Balance Runnovation Video Guaranteed To Make You Run More

As a part of New Balance’s Runnovation campaign, this advertisement features the November Project, a local, grassroots fitness

Junk Miles: What?! Woman Arrested On A Run

Woman cuffed by cops after running across the street in Austin, Texas

Top 10 Most Magical Disney Running Costumes

These days it's not uncommon to witness a runner in a tutu or clever costume at a marathon.

Video: All The Worst Things That Happen While Running

From cramping to chafing, this original video perfectly encapsulates the worst or most awkward running scenarios.

Monday Motivation: President Barack Obama Hurdles At Hayward

Happy President’s Day! In honor of our nation’s leaders, here’s a photo play by play of President Barack Obama attempting

Friday Freeze: Cupid’s Undie Run In 30 Degree Weather And Snow This year on Valentine’s Day lose the pants and spread the love by running a mile in your pinkest pair of skivvies.

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