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Monday Motivation: Derek Redmond’s Inspiring Olympic Finish

Need some inspiration? Check out this video!

A New Take On Running: Rave Runs

Is it a rave or is it a race? It’s both! The new and increasingly popular Electric Run, is a 5K light show and electronic music bonanza.

Top 10 Funny Memes About Running

Check out these funny memes.

Monday Motivation: Top 5 Epic Track and Field Finishing Kicks

Check out these epic finishes!

Friday Fail: Olympic Runner Shoves Mascots

This Friday we present to you the biggest fail in running history: the Olympian that bullies mascots for fun. Watch this video as French

Bizarre-Looking Running Shoes

These days running shoes are brighter, faster, and more innovative in design than the old standard sneaker. The options in style and design

Monday Motivation: The Most Inspiring Race You’ll Ever Watch

In 2008, Heather Dorniden, at the time a track athlete from the University of Minnesota, competed in the women’s 600-meter at the Big

Weirdest Guinness World Record 100m Races

Jamaican sprinter and Olympic champion, Usain Bolt holds the World Record for fastest 100m of 9.58 seconds. However, it’s doubtful

Friday Faceplant: Bulgarian Sprinter Breaks A Leg

Bulgarian sprinter Georgi Kirilov Georgiev breaks his leg during the European Athletics Championships in Helsinki. Running injuries are

Thirsty Thursday: The Beer Mile

The mechanics of a beer mile is simple. For every quarter mile (roughly one lap around most US tracks) a beer must be chugged beforehand

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