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Kitchen MacGyver: Why Baked Potatoes Are Good Fuel For Athletes

Here are some creative—and healthy—ways to modernize potato preparation.

Kitchen MacGyver: Asian Pork And Beans

This well-rounded recovery meal is great after a long run or tough workout!

Kitchen MacGyver: Chilled Roasted Tomato Soup

Although the weather is still warm, this soup is a great accompaniment to salad or a grilled vegetable sandwich.

Kitchen MacGyver: 3 Tips For Juicy Grilled Chicken Breasts

Imparting flavor and juiciness can be accomplished easily with these three steps.

Kitchen MacGyver: Why Calorie Counts Are Misleading

Calorie counts are just numbers; they don't reveal much about the composition of an item.

Healthy, Seasonal Recipes from Centered Chef

By Sabrina Grotewold with reporting and interviewing by Kate Bongiovanni Ryan Hutmacher, triathlete, marathoner, chef and CEO of Centered

Kitchen MacGyver: The Lean-for-Life Diet

Want to be lean for life? A plant-based diet, combined with regular exercise, may be the magic combination to a lifetime of maintaining a

Kitchen MacGyver: How to Build an Endurance-worthy Salad

The right combination of ingredients can transform rabbit-food roughage into a nutrient-packed, satisfying entree!

Kitchen MacGyver: Recovery Pops

A little preparation and you've got yourself the perfect post-run treat.

Kitchen MacGyver: Tips for Lightening a Chicken Dinner

Enjoy a less-dense dinner that's still chock full of flavor!

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