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Kitchen MacGyver: Turkey, Spinach and Leek Orzo

My husband loves orzo—whenever I announce that I’m making orzo for dinner, he perks up. This is a reaction that’s more

Kitchen MacGyver: Vanilla Peach Power Smoothie

This smoothie combines unlikely ingredients for a tasty and powerful start to the day.

Kitchen MacGyver: Mexi-Cali Black Bean Cakes

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about healthful and frugal finds at any grocery store, I thought it would be helpful to provide a

Kitchen MacGyver: Whole Foods Staples, Econo-style

Top Five Cheap and Nutritious Whole Foods It’s a vexing situation: After spending $60-$100 at the grocery store and putting things

Kitchen MacGyver: Potassium-filled Pasta

My fellow Competitor senior editor, Erin, makes me feel lazy. She’s currently training for Ultraman Canada in July … enough

Kitchen MacGyver: Arugula, Asiago and Mushroom Salad

Borrowing from the “let high-quality ingredients shine” Italian food philosophy, eating well not only for good health but also

Kitchen MacGyver: Guacamole

Warning: This isn't a low-fat, lower-calorie substitute for real guacamole.

Kitchen MacGyver: Turkey and White Bean Chili

I know it's nowhere near football season, but I'm a fan of bucking tradition whenever I can and I say that chili can be devoured during the

Kitchen MacGyver: Quick Tomato-stewed Greens and Garbanzos

When my husband had to travel to the San Francisco bay area for a weekend business trip, I knew it was my chance once again to cook a

Kitchen MacGyver: Grilled Portabellas With Oven-Crisp Fries

Try this recipe for some grilled goodness!

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