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Choose These Prepackaged Foods That Are Dietitian Approved

Sometimes hunger strikes and you just need something that you can grab and go with. In that case, reach for these prepackaged foods.

How Runners Should Eat During Their Marathon Taper

Find out the biggest mistake most marathoners make when it comes to nutrition during marathon taper and tips on what runners should eat.

Supplements That Can Give Runners A (Legal) Boost

There are some aboveboard supplements that can give athletes a legal boost and deliver an active body what it needs to perform like a champ.

How Eating Certain Foods Can Reduce Inflammation

Can you really eat certain foods to reduce inflammation? Yes! Here's what you need to know about the science—and a recipe to try.

5 Foods Runners Should Consider Taking A Break From

If you're experiencing issues such as poor digestion or trouble sleeping, there are foods you can remove from your diet that can help.

Why Coconut Oil As A Fat Source For Athletes Is Overrated

A recent report on coconut oil's effect on cardiovascular health raises the question on whether or not the oil is actually healthy.

10 Meal Prep Tips That Set You Up For Dietary Success

Prepping meals and snacks ahead of time instead of working on a meal-by-meal basis is one of the best things you can do as a hungry runner.

Cherry Mojito Popsicles Make The Perfect Cooldown Fuel

Cocktail-inspired popsicles work recovery-boosting tart cherry juice and protein-laced Greek yogurt into your post-workout routine.

The Science Of Cramping Might Be In Your Head (And Stomach)

Sports drink company HOTSHOT is changing the way we view, treat and even prevent cramping on the run.

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