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Are Salt Packets Useful for Runners?

Or are sports drinks enough for our sodium levels?

Runners: Why You Should Add Hemp to Your Diet

The cannabis cousin can get you high—on good nutrition, that is.

6 Ways to Carry Gels on Long Runs

A few ways to conveniently carry gels with you on long runs.

The Importance of Loving Your Diet

Healthy eating has two components: healthy food and a healthy relationship with food.

Gluten-Free Vs. Grain-Free

For some, going gluten-free does not go far enough.

4 Nutrients That Help Prevent Stress Fractures

Prevent stress fractures by keeping track of these essential nutrients for your skeleton and your blood.

Nutrition Tweaks for Half-Marathon Training

A nutritionist breaks down one runner's daily diet.

How-To: Carbohydrate Manipulation For Better Performance

Use this nutrition strategy to boost physical and mental fitness when preparing for your next marathon.

Soy: An Unhealthy Health Food?

Is soy providing the health benefits we think it is?

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