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Nuun Has Launched A Drink Formula For Longer Runs

Performance, a new powder from the brand, is meant for intense workouts and runs that are over 90 minutes long.

Beef Up Your Snacking With These Meat Bar Options

If you are on the hunt for a savory treat, it's time to get your protein from these meat bars that you can eat on-the-go.

5 Foods Full Of Nutrients That Are In Season This Spring

Get the freshest fruits and vegetables by knowing what is in season. Here are a few that you should be eating in the spring.

Allow Us to Introduce You to Running’s First Lady Of Frosting

She created Frost’d, a vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and GMO-free 'snacking frosting' for runners.

6 Guilt-Free Chocolate Bars For Runners To Indulge

Although sweet and delicious, these bars are chock-full of fuel or nutrition for runners.

Picky Bars Debuts New Flavor “Chai and Catch Me” in Cute Ad

This Chai and Catch Me ad is equal parts healthy and cute.

Fuel Tips and Recipes to Get You Through Winter

Three winter nutrition tips to help you fuel well, and a couple recipes to warm your bones after a chilly run.

8 Ways to Improve Your Daily Diet and Eat Cleaner

Eating cleaner is the key to making sure your body has what it needs to run that extra mile.

Why Running and Antibiotics Don’t Always Mix

How a certain class of antibiotics could affect your running and potentially put you at greater risk for injury.

Tart Cherries: An Endurance Superfood?

Studies show the juice from these berries packs a mean punch when it comes to recovery.

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