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4 Amazonian Superfoods to Include in Your Diet

Amazonian superfoods you can incorporate into every day meals and where to buy them.

Electrolytes: Are You Getting Enough?

Why electrolytes are essential for summer running and the six latest products that will keep you hydrated.

Why Runners Need Magnesium

Why magnesium is an important part of any runner’s diet, and a list of foods rich in the mineral.

Eat Like an Athlete: A Colorado Food Business That Fuels Performance

This business makes food with athletes in mind.

4 Energizing Trail Mix Recipes for On-The-Go

Tasty DIY variations on trail mix.

What Runners Should Know About Micronutrients

Micronutrients play a huge role in your health—and your running.

Why Social Meals Are Better for Your Health

There is clear scientific evidence that children who eat more frequently with their families are physically and psychologically better off.

All-Natural Fuel Alternatives

Some natural fuel alternatives, with no chemical preservatives or GMOs, for clean energy and recovery.

Fueling Tips and Recipes for Before, During and After a Workout

Dial in your nutrition before, during and after exercise with these simple guidelines and recipes.

Manipulating Carbohydrate Availability To Improve Running Performance

It’s hard to train in a perpetually bonked state.

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