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Diet Quality: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Debunking popular healthy diets, diet quality rates all food based on its positive effect on health.

What Dehydration Does to Your Running Performance

It's not just an issue in the summer.

What Runners Should Know About Antioxidants

They're important to counter the harmful effects of oxygen—which runners consume in abundance.

Are Salt Packets Useful for Runners?

Or are sports drinks enough for our sodium levels?

Runners: Why You Should Add Hemp to Your Diet

The cannabis cousin can get you high—on good nutrition, that is.

6 Ways to Carry Gels on Long Runs

A few ways to conveniently carry gels with you on long runs.

The Importance of Loving Your Diet

Healthy eating has two components: healthy food and a healthy relationship with food.

Gluten-Free Vs. Grain-Free

For some, going gluten-free does not go far enough.

4 Nutrients That Help Prevent Stress Fractures

Prevent stress fractures by keeping track of these essential nutrients for your skeleton and your blood.

Nutrition Tweaks for Half-Marathon Training

A nutritionist breaks down one runner's daily diet.

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