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Eat Like a Kenyan, Run Like a Kenyan

What does a typical Kenyan diet look like?

Are Antibiotics Safe for Athletes?

If an athlete must use antibiotics for an infection, what steps can he take to limit the damage to his healthy gut biome?

Fuel Buzz: Watermelon in a Bottle

Could cold-pressed watermelon juice be a viable sports drink alternative?

Video: An Athlete’s Guide to Making Rice

A staple of many runners' diets, here's some good tips for making delicious rice.

8 Quick Swaps to Improve Your Diet

Small changes can make a big difference.

What Are Electrolytes Good For?

Sports drinks are touted for their electrolytes, but how do they help you as a runner?

Fuel Buzz: Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes

Food pouches are growing in popularity as a portable fuel option.

Video: What Makes a Good Recovery Meal?

A look at how you can prepare recovery meals with what you have.

Closer Look: What Fuels Sage Canaday?

Sage Canaday is a two-time U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier and an elite ultra-distance trail runner.He won the 2014 The North Face

Video: The Truth About Caffeine and Endurance Performance

Caffeine is everywhere in sports nutrition products. How much does it help?

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