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Q&A With Obstacle Racing Star Deanna Blegg

The Australian athlete talks about how she trains for long-distance obstacle races.

Alex Roudayna: South-Of-The-Border OCR Star

Alex Roudayna is an emerging international obstacle racing star.

Rose Wetzel-Sinnett: Hard-Core, Costume-Wearing Obstacle Course Racer

This former collegiate track runner has become a force on the obstacle racing circuit.

Junyong Pak: 2:32 Marathoner + OCR Star

Pak blends his passion for obstacle course racing with his mechanical engineering background.

Photos: Spartan Race’s Challenging Obstacles

Here's a glance at 14 of the toughest obstacles you'll encounter in a Spartan Race.

Joe De Sena: Death Race Status Uncertain

Will the Death Race continue? Or will another event emerge?

TyAnn Clark: Marathoner, Mom + Obstacle Racing Star


Next Gen: Q&A With OCR Star Hunter McIntyre

Hunter McIntyre is one of the young stars of the emerging sport of obstacle course racing.

Obstacle Course Racing Goes Big Time!

Huge participation numbers and TV contracts are increasing exposure. As Amelia Boone headed to the starting line at the 2013 Spartan Race

2014 World’s Toughest Mudder Announced

U.S. obstacle course racing championships are getting more hype, sponsors and exposure. The Tough Mudder mud obstacle event series is

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