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Finn Rebounds, Ready For Nationals

The high school star will compete in both the 5,000m and 2-mile events.

GU Announces Fundraising Campaign Aimed At Disabled Children

All profits from the energy gel maker's new flavor will be donated to the cause.

Virginia Runner Embarks On Tour De Feet

Can an ultrarunner beat the world’s best cyclists to Paris?

Utah Declares “Ragnar Day”

Ragnar Relay is now an unofficial, official holiday in the state of Utah.

Treadmill At The International Space Station Bound For Fiery Exit

The 13-year-old piece of equipment has already been replaced with a newer model.

Father And Daughter, Enjoying The Ride

Inspired Texan Iram Leon keeps on running despite diagnosis.

At The GoPro Mountain Games, It’s Endorphins For Everyone

The GoPro Mountain Games serve up high-altitude thrills.

Sacramento Struggles With High-Profile Meets

Race directors are struggling to compete with other venues across the country.

The First 10 Steps To Becoming A Runner

Patience, the willingness to experiment, finding toughness, and heading outside are called for.

Oprah Donates $100K To Boston Victims

She made a surprise phone call on Monday.

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