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Lelisa Desisa, Caroline Rotich Will Defend Titles at 2016 Boston Marathon

Desisa will be going for his third Boston Marathon win; Rotich her second.

Equal Distances For Men and Women at 2016 U.S. Mountain Running Championships

The 6.6-mile course will climb 2,950 feet to the summit of Loon Mountain Ski Area.

What’s the Perfect Slope? Researchers Study Uphill Mountain Running

Is there an optimal incline for getting up a mountain most efficiently?

Lance Armstrong Wins 35K Trail Running Race In California

Reactions are mixed regarding the former cyclist's participation in the event.

‘Too Wet to Wear a Shirt’ — Runner in Rain-Soaked Chicago Goes Viral

WGN-TV in Chicago was doing a live report on the unseasonably warm and wet weather in the area, when a shirtless runner named Ethan Renoe

Kenyans Sweep Honolulu Marathon in Ideal Racing Conditions

(c) 2015 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved. Used with permission. HONOLULU —  For the second consecutive year, Kenyans swept

Galen Rupp Runs 1:01:20 Half Marathon…What’s Next?

The U.S. star now decides if he will run the Olympic Trials marathon in February.

Famous & Fast: 33 Celebs and Notables Names Who Have Run a Marathon 3:30 Or Faster

These celebrities don't just run. They run fast.

Book Review: Ed Caesar’s ‘Two Hours’

Senior editor Mario Fraioli calls Two Hours, "one of best books about running" ever written.

Honolulu Marathon a Popular Choice for First-Timers

The appeal to new runners has many reasons.

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