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Hopeful, Hungry and Chasing a Lie: Disordered Eating in Distance Running

Sarah Crouch is a professional runner sponsored by Reebok and affiliated with the ZAP Fitness Elite training group in Blowing Rock, N.C.

Video: Penguins on a Treadmill in the Name of Science

If you’ve ever wondered just how a penguin would look while walking on a treadmill, you’re finally in luck. According to The

Harvard Study Examines Why Some Runners Don’t Get Injured

What can we learn from those who are able to stay healthy?

Molly Huddle Has High Hopes for 2016

She's eyeing the Olympic games—and maybe a fall marathon?

Emily Infeld Heading Into 2016 With Confidence

After a breakout 2015 season, the 25-year-old won't sneak up on anyone this year.

Picky Bars Offers Support to 100 Olympic Trials Qualifying Athletes

The company will provide 100 athletes with 24 free bars a month from March through July.

California Dreamin’: 10 Reasons the Los Angeles Marathon Should Be on Your ‘Must Run’ List

This big-city marathon has a lot to love about it.

Photos: More Amazing Images from the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon

The U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon was held on Feb. 13 in Los Angeles. It was an amazing display of competitive racing, courage and

Kara Goucher Could Still Make the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team

What’s next for Kara Goucher? Time will tell, but she could be racing again as soon as this spring. After a strong but disappointing

Weldon Kirui, Nataliya Lehonkova Win L.A. Marathon

It was a Kenyan sweep in the men's race as defending champion Daniel Limo finished third.

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