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Scenic Splendor: Dead Horse Ultra Trail Races in Moab, Utah

More than 400 runners converged on the desert outpost of Moab, Utah, to test their mettle in the Dead Horse Ultra trail races.

The Winter Road Racing Alternative—Indoor Marathons

Running hundreds of laps is one way to change up your winter running.

Why “Serious” Runners Should Enjoy Fun Runs Too

Why a low-key holiday fun run should be on your agenda.

Malty Beverages Have a Special Place in Many Runners’ Hearts

Beer and running. It seems to be the latest rage, but it's neither recent nor exclusive to the sport of running.

Kara Goucher’s Thoughtful Advice to Her Younger Self

Professional runner Kara Goucher wrote an inspiring blog that offered advice to her much younger self.

Which State is the Most Active in the United States?

Which state is the most active in the U.S.? You might be surprised. Although states like Colorado, California and New York are often

Viva Las Vegas! The Sights and Sounds of the GEICO Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon

Video journalist Ryan Van Duzer takes to the streets of Sin City to run the 2016 GEICO Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

Scenes from the 2016 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Las Vegas Race Expo

The GEICO Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon Series weekend is underway in the place known as Sin City, with a 5K happening

Brooks Unveils Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Special Edition Shoes

The all-new Rock ‘n’ Roll Adrenaline GTS 17 has been re-imagined with a custom print featuring the iconic guitar of the

Air Force Vet Treating Plantar Fasciitis One Pair of Flip Flops at a Time

Dr. Meredith Warner, an orthopedic surgeon in the Air Force, has designed flip flops to help treat and beat plantar fasciitis.

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