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New Muscle Ultrasound Measures Energy Levels

MuscleSound has figured out how to use ultrasound technology to take images from various parts of your body to determine muscle fuel levels.

Over 5,000 Runners Who Qualified To Miss Out On Boston Marathon

The BAA has sent out their official notices to runners who were both accepted—and not accepted—into the Boston Marathon.

New Survey Asks Runners About Their Biggest Pet Peeves

Reebok surveyed a bunch of runners to find out our biggest pet peeves and bad habits. Find out if they match your own running style.

Ultrarunner To Compete In 153-Mile Race For Charity Smile Train

Ultrarunner Alex Anyse is running the Spartathlon, a 153-mile race from Sparta to Athens, and raising money for Smile Train in the process.

China Denies Visa To 101-Year-Old Masters Runner

China has denied the visa of 101-year-old masters runner Man Kaur, which means she cannot compete at the Asian Masters Championships.

Warsaw Marathon Under Fire After Failing To Help Collapsed Runner

Recho Kosgei was leading the women's race at the Warsaw Marathon when she collapsed 800 meters from the finish and no one came to her aid.

Charmin Offers “Mad Pooper” A Year’s Worth Of Toilet Paper

A few toilet paper companies have tweeted out that they'll supply the "mad pooper" with toilet paper if she turns herself in.

Formerly Paralyzed Man Runs Napa Half With Driver Who Hit Him And Doctor

One year after being hit by a truck, Dean Otto recovered from temporary paralysis and ran a half marathon with the driver and his doctor.

Kipchoge Wins But No World Record At 2017 Berlin Marathon

Rainy, humid conditions kept runners off world record pace, but veteran Eliud Kipchoge and rookie Guye Adola kept the race exciting.

What The Editors Can’t Run Without

Check out the running gear the editors can't run without for the month of September and psst...there's a discount code in here!

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