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Out There: The Taper Advice Nobody Tells You

You already know what you know.

Out There: The Fine Line Parents Must Run

Make sure your children are running for the right reasons.

Out There: The Music That Sticks With Us

Why do certain songs get stuck in our head when we run? I don’t listen to music when I run. Instead, I use my workouts as a time to be in

Out There: The Grieving Process

An old bike brings a connection between Susan Lacke and her friend.

Out There: We’re Not Young Anymore

You’re not 20 anymore (and it kind of sucks). Getting older sucks sometimes. Your back aches, all of your mail goes from amusing things

Out There: The Upside of Unplugging

Columnist Susan Lacke wonders if fitness technology hurts more than it helps.

Out There: Stories About Running

Columnist Susan Lacke celebrates 5 years of “Out There.” This month marks my 5-year anniversary as a columnist for Competitor magazine.

Out There: Time Out!

Let running being life's pause button.

Out There: Runner’s Face? Really?

Does running cause us to age faster?

Out There: My First Winter as a Runner

Columnist Susan Lacke is experiencing her first winter as a runner—and it’s the worst.

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