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Out There: 11 Truths New Runners Must Accept

Columnist Susan Lacke writes a letter to the new runners of 2017.

Out There: Making Merry on the Run

Columnist Susan Lacke finds her Christmas sprit on a run.

Out There: Recalculating Your Route

Deviating from the plan doesn’t equal defeat, writes columnist Susan Lacke.

Out There: The War on Christmas Cookies

Columnist Susan Lacke makes a case for holiday treats and why we should indulge in them despite the calories.

Out There: Young Runners

Can kids run marathons? Should they?

Out There: A Winning Legacy

Carlos Nunez had an inspiring outlook during the fight of his life.

Out There: The Pee Problem

Many female runners are affected by pelvic floor disorders.

Out There: Love and Racing

Should you invite your new romantic interest to your race?

Out There: Growing Bolder

Columnist Susan Lacke visits the Huntsman World Senior Games.

Out There: The Beginning of the End

After years of pursuing pain in endurance sports, it's time for Susan Lacke's friend to seek comfort.

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