Racing Weight

Racing Weight: Lose Weight or Lose Fat?

Not all weight loss is good weight loss.

Racing Weight: Keep It Simple

Research shows simplicity is a virtue in the matter of weight management.

Start 2011 With Quick Weight Loss

New book shows endurance athletes how to make a fast leap toward their ideal racing weight.

Burning Runner: The Working Diet

With 3 weeks to go until his goal race, T.J. shares the secrets of his weight-loss success.

Burning Runner Box Score: November 1

With 5 weeks left to go, T.J is 5 pounds away from his goal weight.

Burning Runner: Change Will Do You Good

Week 15: Looking to try something new and enhance his recovery, T.J. gives CrossFit a try.

Burning Runner Box Score: October 25

With six weeks left to go, T.J is still 6 pounds away from his goal weight.

Burning Runner: Battling The Barefoot Runner

Week 14: T.J. gets 15 minutes closer to his goal at yesterday's Dodge Rock 'n' Roll L.A. Half Marathon.

Ask The Experts: How Should I Measure My Body Fat Percentage?

Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald explains the most effective and accurate ways for athletes to measure body fat percentage.

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