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Injured? Here’s How To Stay Sharp

Follow these suggestions so you can return from your injury strong and confident.

Video: The Importance Of Active Recovery

In this video Sage Rountree explains the benefits of active recovery and how it can fit into your training schedule.

Part II: Where Is Your Sweet Spot Mileage?

Let your body's response to training determine how much you train.

The 3 Keys To Proper Nutritional Recovery

Recovery is the neglected performance enhancer, and proper nutrition is the best recovery enhancer.

Tossing And Turning: Runners And Sleeping Issues

Learn what you can do to get the right amount of sleep you need to recover and feel rested.

Train To Recover — Don’t Recover To Train

Get more out of your training by doing it "backwards."

Recovery: Is Professional Guidance Needed?

Returning from an injury might require more than a self-diagnosis and self-treatment, writes Adam Kelinson.

Workout Of The Week: Recovery Run

Recovery runs don't actually accelerate muscle recovery, but they do have other important benefits.

Video: How Important Is Eating After A Workout?

Sage Rountree explains the importance of taking in calories after a workout.

Video: Quantifying Your Recovery

In this video, Sage Rountree, author of The Athlete's Guide To Recovery, identifies the most important metrics for quantifying your

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