Running Form

Single-Leg Drills For Balanced Running

Single-leg balance training teaches you to isolate and strengthen specific balance muscles while improving your reaction time.

Study: Softer Strides Mean Less Injuries

If you're prone to injuries, try shortening your stride and landing softer.

Injured? Try Deep Water Running

If you’re injured, it can speed recovery. If you’re healthy, it can boost your speed. Here’s why you should give deep water running a

Fitness Myth: Don’t Pass Your Toes

In reality, your knee crosses in front of your toes on every running stride.

Q&A: Alex McDaniel On Technical Trail Running

”Forget your PR, forget your GPS and just run fast in the woods.”

The Five Most Common Running Form Mistakes

Are you making one of the following mechanical mistakes?

The Key To Successful Minimalist Running

Assess your form and take an honest look at the flaws making a negative impact on your stride.

Are You A Stomper?

Runners can permanently reduce impact forces through biofeedback.

Six Ways CrossFit Can Benefit Runners

T.J. Murphy explains how CrossFit can be a good tool for the distance runner.

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