Running Injuries : Page 4

Running Doc: Staying Safe On The Trails

Keeping a few key points in mind will help make your off-road experience more enjoyable.

Med Tent: How To Knock Out Shoulder Pain

Dr. Jordan Metzl identifies the different types of shoulder pain that tend to plague runners.

Are You A Stomper?

Runners can permanently reduce impact forces through biofeedback.

Are Racing Flats The Right Choice For You?

We help you weigh the risks versus the rewards before making your decision.

Staff Blog: Safety First!

I knew I should have just stuck to the treadmill.

Staff Blog: Coping With Injury

Cielestia Calbay writes about surrounding yourself with the right people to cope with sitting on the sidelines.

Out There: I Wanna Run!

Susan Lacke is still injured and is getting -- in her own words -- pretty desperate.

Med Tent: How To Choose The Right Running Shoe

Learn how choosing the right shoe can help lessen the likelihood of injury and enhance your running experience.

Paula Radcliffe Loses UK Lottery Funding

She says retirement is not an option now.

Aqua Jogging For Injured Runners

Can't run? Keep your legs moving in the pool and maintain fitness while you overcome injury.

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