sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Facial Hair

That Was Then In the 70s, and throughout history, men have sported facial hair as a show of fashion, virility and masculinity.

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Style

That Was Then Going for a run used to be a very basic affair, right down to the gear. Outfit coordination often wasn’t a

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Staying Warm

That Was Then When cold weather came calling and runners wanted to keep running, wool was a smart choice. But styling, like the pictured

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Long Run Versus Hard Run

That Was Then Traditional long-distance training was based on a 12- to 16-week schedule that followed a regimen of base building, strength

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Solo Sport Or Social Affair?

That Was Then Running used to be primarily a solo sport. Athletes would take to the road in the early morning hours for solitary jaunts, or

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Proper Form

That Was Then Good running form meant focusing on the mechanics parameters of foot fall, stride length, an erect body and using arms for

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Carbo-Loading

That Was Then The time-honored athletic tradition of topping off fuel reserves before a big effort or race, gave rise to the ubiquitous

Your #RUNNOVATIONS Revealed: Contest Winner #5

That Was Then This photo shows Susannah Walker of Kittery, ME, just prior to the birth of her third child, before she began running. This

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Honey Packets

That Was Then Remember grabbing a few extra honey packets from fast-food restaurants to fuel your long runs? With limited options, a

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