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That Was Then Mothers worked hard, but all the hard work left little time to play.

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That Was Then Cotton was king. Actually it was one of the only options when it came to fitness apparel. Cotton may be soft, but it soaks up

Your #RUNNOVATIONS Revealed: Contest Winner #4

That Was Then This photo was taken on July 15, 2010, while Alicia Azimipour, of Mount Juliet, TN, was on a trip to Washington, D.C. “My

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That Was Then Medals, awards and trophies were given to the top one to three finishers at an event, and gold, silver and bronze were the

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That Was Then Racing used to be about the competition, pure and simple. Run to race and race to win. For the elites and front-runners it

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That Was Then Runners used to rely on a coach and their running club (if they were fortunate enough to have one) for training advice. Jim

Your #RUNNOVATIONS Revealed: Contest Winner #3

That Was Then 2008: Dennis Arriaga calls himself a natural-born couch potato. Even after experiencing the onset of serious health issues,

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That Was Then Racing was all about finishing fast. In 1980 the median male marathon finisher crossed the line in 3:32:17 and the median

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That Was Then For some, girls night out used to mean cards, smoking and getting “gussied up.”

Your #RUNNOVATIONS Revealed: Contest Winner #2

That Was Then Pictured above is Jennifer Crane Klemmetson of Mesa, AZ, age 15, 82 pounds and scared to death in the hospital. Jennifer had

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