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sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – The Race Between Men And Women

That Was Then In 1990 one woman crossed the finish line at a road race for every three male finishers.

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Recovery

That Was Then Recovering from a run used to mean sitting. Those in tune with their bodies may have done a few stretches, but otherwise

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Clear Versus Neon

That Was Then Colors were subdued and hydration was clear and simple, with tap water being the recovery drink of choice.

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Famous Faces

That Was Then Dick Beardsley started running cross country in high school when he realized football wasn’t for him. He ran in college

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Why We Race

That Was Then In the early days of racing, runners ran for themselves. Crowds were meager, racing fields small and events low-key with no

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Pavement Versus Trail

That Was Then Running and racing was once limited to the pure sport theaters of track ovals and iconic road routes. The racer’s challenge

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Socks

That Was Then Crew socks and tube socks, remember them? Once the hallmark of serious athletes, from runners to basketball players, and

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Running Bras

That Was Then When the women’s running revolution began in the ’70s, ladies ran in their everyday bras, resulting in chafe, wayward

Your #RUNNOVATIONS Revealed: Contest Winner #1

We invited users to share their personal Runnovations, and we are selecting one winner each week whose Runnovation submission was truly

sponsored: #RUNNOVATION – Things To Do On A Race Course

That Was Then Not so long ago, runners would show up for a race and run to the finish, keeping it pure, simple and fast.

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