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We Break Down 3 Popular Sleep Tracking Devices

Tracking shut-eye with these devices will over time see you getting better, more consistent sleep (even when you can’t get more sleep).

What Alex Varner Can’t Run Without

This top Nike Trail Elite Team athlete shares his must-have gear, tech and grub for tackling the trails and ultramarathons.

Lululemon Announces Plans To Sell Footwear In Select Stores

Now you can get a complete head-to-toe look at your local Lululemon store—if you are lucky enough to be near the 23 locations selling

Which Foam Roller Should You Use?

Find out the difference in four types of foam rollers, as well as which foam roller is the best fit for you.

5 Pairs Of Headphones That Provide The Perfect Fit

Thanks to the latest audio technology, these headphones won't slip out of your ears due to shape—or sweat—during your next run.

4 Tools That Are An Injured Runner’s Best Friends

When running injuries threaten your next race, try using these physical therapist-approved tools to fight back and stay on track.

Why Your Smartphone Can Shut Down On Your Run

If you don’t control your phone use, it could wind up depleted when you need it the most.

What Colleen Quigley Can’t Run Without

Here is a look at the things—including gear and nutrition—that Team USA steeplechaser Colleen Quigley can't go for a run without.

The Secret To Pairing Your Training Shoes And Racing Shoes

Just as you'd pair wine with cheese, you should be pairing your training and racing shoes; one for long mileage and one for speed work.

Puma Created Brand New Spikes For Usain Bolt’s Last Race Ever

Puma created the new Bolt Legacy Spike to commemorate Usain Bolt's last race ever at the IAAF World Championships in London.

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