Sports Science Update

Sports Science Update: The Functional Movement Screen

Seven simple moves can be used to assess your injury risk and chart a course toward healthier running.

Sports Science Update: Did Meb’s Socks Help Him PR?

New study adds little clarity to our understanding of the benefits of compression socks.

Sports Science Update: Does “Barefoot” Running Have Legs?

A new scientific survey shows more interest than participation.

Sports Science Update: Do Strong Hips Prevent Knee Injuries?

A new study paints a subtler picture.

Sports Science Update: Static Stretching Before Running

New study suggests what’s true for non-runners isn’t true for runners.

Sports Science Update: Numbers Do And Don’t Lie

A new study demonstrates the psychological importance of performance feedback.

Sports Science Update: Barefoot Running Is More Efficient

What does this mean for you?

Sports Science Update: It’s Okay To Lose Weight (During A Run)

A new study shows that weight loss is not equal to water loss during exercise.

Sports Science Update: Increased Stride Rate=Reduced Injuries?

New study shows increasing stride rate reduces impact forces absorbed at the knee and hip.

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