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Pilk’s Points: Submerging Into Recovery

Caitlyn Pilkington re-discovers the benefits of swimming when a running injury forced her off her feet.

Pilk’s Points: What Makes A ‘Good’ Runner?

The idea that "fast" is synonymous with "good" is an idea that holds less water than a paper cup at an aid station.

Pilk’s Points: Race-Day Lessons Learned

Associate editor Caitlyn Pilkington shares a few of the things she learned this past weekend at #RunCarlsbad.

Pilk’s Points: New Year, Old Excuses

Need some motivation to get out the door? Caitlyn Pilkington provides a list of excuses — and refutes each one.

Pilk’s Points: A Pile Of Runner Joy

Our associate editor shares her top shoe, gear, nutrition and racing picks heading into the holiday season.

Pilk’s Points: Runner Seeking Human: Striding Toward The First Date

10 tips for female runners on how to tackle a first date.

Pilk’s Points: Rockin’ The Nation

In a former life, I followed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series around the country, met dozens of charities, and shelved my

Pilk’s Points: Safety First!

Running at night poses more safety risks than doing so in the daylight hours.

Pilk’s Points: Sweating Blue and Yellow

If there was ever a time to run, it truly is now.

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