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Big Changes For The North Face Endurance Challenge California

Its new route incorporates classic trails and the Golden Gate Bridge.

My First Ultra: If I Quit, I Would Regret It Forever

"During the first half of the race, nearly 50 percent of the field dropped out due to the horrendous conditions."

Ultrarunners To Compete In FKT Race On China’s Yuzhu Peak

On May 20, ultrarunners Stevie Kremer and Anna Frost will be competing in a challenging 12km FKT race up China's Yuzhu Peak.

The Many Layers Of Ultrarunning Star Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka became ultrarunning’s most talked about star and now adding climbing, biking and skiing to his repertoire, he’s no less

Behind The Trail Running Initiative Advocating To Protect Public Lands

Run Wild advocates for the public lands enjoyed by trail runners everywhere. Here's how the initiative got started and what it's doing.

A Look At One Runner’s Ultimate California Road Trip

Knox Robinson’s California road trip proves that destination running doesn’t have to be about a race. The destination is the run itself.

Triumph And Heartbreak At The World’s Toughest Race

John Kelly was the only finisher at the Barkley Marathons, while a navigational error caused the only other competitor to be eliminated.

Salomon Launches Clean Sport and Athlete Transparency Initiative

In an announcement of its sponsorship of five major global trail races, Salomon is also launching its Athlete Transparency Program.

David Roche’s Coaching Philosophy For Trail Runners

We sat down with David to learn more about his coaching philosophy, personal performance goals and what it's like to train with his wife.

Why You Should Know This 26-Year-Old Breakout Ultrarunner

Jim Walmsley, an Air Force Academy runner is smashing records and taking ultrarunning to new heights.

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