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It’s Time To Run Your First Ultramarathon!

As marathons continue to gain popularity, so to do ultramarathons. Are you ready to move up?

An Epic Running Road Trip Through 26 National Parks

A French grad student has embarked on a road trip to run in 26 U.S. National Parks.

Choosing A Trail Running Shoe That’s Right For You

Two top trail running experts offer their top tips.

Tarahumara Runners Racing In Colorado

Three Tarahumara runners are entered in the 45K Hardscrabble Mountain Trail Run.

Mantras To Keep You Moving On The Trails

Learn how top trail ultrarunners battle through the rough patches on a regular basis.

Hot On The Trail: Top Tips For Off-Road Running

Keep these key points in mind when taking your running to the trails.

Photos: Patagonian International Marathon

This marathon sends runners on dirt roads and remote trails of Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

Video: Drills For Trail Running

Check out this short workout you can do to improve your power, explosiveness and agility for running off-road.

The Long Run: Why Trail Running Is Sublime

"It seems like I am more alive as I take in the sights and music of the wild."

The Off-Road Rules: Practice Proper Trail Running Etiquette

Just because you're not in the city doesn't mean you can lose awareness of what is going on around you.

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