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Follow Flanagan’s Footsteps

Use these training tips from Shalane Flanagan to tackle your next marathon.

Ask The Experts Live: ING Rock ‘n’ Roll Recap

Competitor's Mario Fraioli was at the ING Direct Cafe in Philadelphia last weekend for a live Ask The Experts.

Ask The Experts: Can I Get Faster At 40?

Q. Dear Experts, I’m 39 years old (40 in November) and have been running for five years after a long stretch of inactivity during my

Recovery: Quantitative Measurement

In the third installment of our new 13-part Recovery video series, Sage Rountree explains how quantifying your recovery by establishing

TRX Monday Minute: Single Leg Squat & Crossing Balance Lunge

This exercise engages your glutes and hips while strengthening the legs

Ask The Experts: Is Increasing My Long Run By One Mile Per Week Excessive?

Q. I’m upping my mileage for a half marathon. I’ve done several in the past, including two marathons. Is an increase of a mile per week

Recovery: Qualitative Measurement

In the second installment of our new Recovery video series, Sage Rountree explains why it’s important to track your recovery in

Ask The Experts: Why Am I Slower Outdoors Than On A Treadmill?

Q. Dear Experts, Last year I weighed in at 274 lbs, was on beta blockers, and had numerous issues with my knees and shoulders. Since

Ask The Experts: Why Did I Hit The Wall?

Q. Dear Matt and Mario, During the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon I was going strong for the first seven miles at the pace

An Education In Losing Your Shoes

Barefoot running expert Jason Robillard tells us the right way to run with nothing on your feet. Interview by: Mario Fraioli Ultramarathon

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