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Almost Any Runner Can Finish A 100-Mile Ultramarathon

Coach Jason Koop explains that success at running an ultramarathon doesn't mean you have to run fast, it's about preventing failures.

4 Simple Stretches You Should Do After Every Run

Stay flexible and injury-free with this feel-good routine!

How To Integrate Cross-Training Into Your Running

There's a reason many runners fail to cross-train effectively and Olympian Alan Culpepper shares the new way to approach it.

Build Endurance With This Power Yoga Sequence For Runners

Power yoga, a derivative of Ashtanga yoga, is a fitness-oriented practice with moves that emphasizes total-body athleticism.

Cross-Training Classes That Are Great For Runners

Cross-training classes are a great way for runners to strengthen their running by using new muscles.

Your DNA Can Hold The Key To The Perfect Training Strategy

A new program is using your genetic makeup to help you unlock the training and nutrition plan that will work best for your body.

How Many Weeks Do You Really Need To Train For A Marathon?

How many weeks do you really need to train for a marathon? Well that depends on if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner.

5 Lessons I Learned After Running My First Marathon

Sometimes expectations of your first marathon don't match up to the reality of the event.

Why Everyone Appears To Be A Better Runner On Social Media

It has to do with impression management and how we perceive the lives of others, especially when we're on social media.

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