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7 Fixes to Get Faster Now

Coaches Jason Fitzgerald and Jenny Hadfield share tips on how to improve on speed before the new year.

8 Tough Workouts for Tough Runners

Hard workouts are equal parts mental and physiological, and can be a big part of the fun for any runner.

Workout of the Week: Out-and-Backs

Out-and-back sessions are very easy and can be done anywhere with this helpful sample workout.

16 Weeks to Your First 50K

A guide to running your first 50K including key intensity workouts and a free 16-week training plan.

Golden Hour: Get Faster with Just 60 Minutes of Supplemental Training

Adding just 60 minutes of supplemental training each week can help increase speed, durability, or flexibility.

How to Master Downhill Trail Running

Tips for avoiding a nasty fall or a rolled ankle when downhill trail running.

6 Plyometric Exercises That Will Give You a Leg Up

These simple plyometric exercises have the potential to improve your overall strength and running economy.

How, and Why, to Hit Negative Splits in Your Next Race

Running the second half of a race faster than you run the first half is a proven formula for success.

How Long Should Your Longest Run Be for Marathon Training?

There are a lot of ways to vary your long run routine during marathon training.

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