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How To Prepare For Your First Race Of The Year

This guide breaks down what you should be doing as early as two weeks out from your big race to get to the finish line ready to run.

How to Eliminate Walk Breaks During Your Run

Here are a few ways to run longer and get faster.

13.1 Things to Know About Running A Half Marathon

It’s time to focus on the essential tips you will need to know to run 13.1 miles, and, hopefully, have a blast while doing it!

How To Overcome 10 Common Complaints About Running

For all of running's feel-good and healthy benefits, it can have some downsides too, unless you change your attitude about it.

How To Be Bold And Realistic When Setting Goals

Instead of goals that don’t challenge you or are impossible, focus on small wins and stretch goals.

Take Your Running Up A Gear By Cycling During Base Training

If you're in-between race seasons, here's how cycling can keep your body fit and mind fresh—along with the right way to get started.

6 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Mother Runners

Another Mother Runner founders Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea share their tips on how to fit in a run when you're a busy mom.

Strength Train Like a Dancer—The Barre Circuit Workout

Barre workouts combine classic ballet poses with isometric movements, sculpting and toning muscles that can benefit your running.

You’ve Blown Your New Year’s Resolutions, Now What?

Tips to keep you going strong throughout the year.

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