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Elevate Your Run Performance By Taking The Stairs

This post originally appeared on To take an elevator to the top of China’s Shanghai Tower, 128 stories high, takes

A First Look At The New TRX Home2 System With Strength Exercises For Runners

We review the new TRX Home2 suspension system, TRX's updated app and the 4 best TRX strength exercises for runners.

4 Pilates Moves For Runners That You Can Do Anywhere

You don’t have to be an exercise-class nut to reap the benefits of this practice—and these modified pilates moves are perfect for

Overcoming the Obstacle of Injury And How To Stay Sane During Recovery

Professional runner Neely Spence Gracey shares how to stay sane during a tough injury and tips for easing back into training.

The Love Letter Every Runner Wants To Receive

How many of these statement would you like to see in a love note?

Which Training Plan Is The Right One For You?

We break down five popular training programs to find out what may work for you.

Where To Run While Visiting New Orleans

The Big Easy is also big on running! There are so many great places to get in your miles.

Here’s Exactly How To Crush Your Next Half Marathon

Whether you want to PR or simply finish, these pacing tips straight from a professional runner will carry you through 13.1 miles.

This Rule Of Road Running Can Help Save Your Life

A recent study found that you have a 77 percent lower risk of being struck by a vehicle when following this rule of road running.

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