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Workout Of The Week: Descend The Ladder

Training for 5K/10K? This session will help you hold on to a hard pace when your legs start screaming at you to stop.

How Runners Can Improve Foot Strength

A functional approach to improving arch muscle strength for runners.

How to Develop Speed for a Fast 5K

What does sound training look like for runners targeting a fast 5K?

How to Maintain Training and Balance When Life Gets in the Way

Training isn't without distractions.

Strengthen Your Core With Abdominal Rollouts

The core muscles help keep your body upright and stable when running.

Running Form Drill: Backward Running

Improve your efficiency with this classic drill.

How Cas Loxsom Is Preparing For The World Championships

Implement Loxsom's tips to get ready for your own upcoming big races.

Training Plan: 10 Weeks to a Faster 10K

Now’s the perfect time to start fine-tuning your fitness your annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot or other favorite fall event.

Is Running Good For Weight Loss?

When people are asked why they run, an overwhelming majority cite the desire to lose weight. But is it really the best way to shed pounds?

Workout of the Week: The Michigan

Get used to pace changes in a race with this interval workout.

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