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Boston-Bound: Get Specific With 6 Weeks To Go!

It's getting down to crunch time with 6 weeks to go in your Boston Marathon training.

From Start to Finish: The Beginner Runner’s Welcome Package

Everything you need to get from start to finish.

Workout Of The Week: In/Out Miles

This workout teaches athletes to better utilize lactate as a fuel.

Workout of the Week: Brad Hudson’s Fuel Run for Marathoners

Marathon training is more than just long, slow runs and high-mileage training weeks. There are a number of variables that need to

5 Tips for Sticking with Your Training Plan

Get focused for spring training with these five foolproof tips.

Dialing In Your Focus To Optimize Running Performance

Finding the optimal focus can improve performance and increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of running.

Why You Should Stop Doing Crunches

It might come as a shock that a good core strengthening program should not include crunches.

Boston-Bound: Inside 8 Weeks Till Race Day!

Coach Greg McMillan helps you dial in your Boston Marathon training with less than 2 months to go.

Coach Culpepper: Planning Your Racing Season

Once the initial excitement of the new year wears off, February is a good time to really start focusing on your goals for the months ahead:

How Bad Do You Want It? — A Closer Look at the Mind’s Role in Endurance Sports

Endurance sports are a game of mind over muscle.

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