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Your DNA Can Hold The Key To The Perfect Training Strategy

A new program is using your genetic makeup to help you unlock the training and nutrition plan that will work best for your body.

How Many Weeks Do You Really Need To Train For A Marathon?

How many weeks do you really need to train for a marathon? Well that depends on if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner.

5 Lessons I Learned After Running My First Marathon

Sometimes expectations of your first marathon don't match up to the reality of the event.

Why Everyone Appears To Be A Better Runner On Social Media

It has to do with impression management and how we perceive the lives of others, especially when we're on social media.

Five Tips For Getting In A Run While Away From Home

Don't let that trip derail your mileage. Here are five tips for getting in a run while away from home.

Why Runners Should Train In The Heat

Getting a little hot could benefit your training. Here's why you shouldn't shy away from summer running.

5 Things The Most Successful Runners Do Every Day

If you've ever wondered how some runners seem to have it all together, this is your guide to becoming faster, healthier and happier.

Here’s How To Stop Thinking Of Aqua Jogging As ‘Punishment’

Because aqua jogging is associated with injury recovery, it is easy to think of it in a negative way.

Do This Sprint Workout To Build Up Your Leg Speed

Regular leg speedwork improves your basic speed and means in the long term you’re much less likely to sustain running injuries.

How Well Does Running Fitness Translate To Other Sports?

Find out which sports will help your running and why you will often find athletes from other sports running.

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