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4 Breathing Exercises For Every Level Of Runner

Breathing techniques can improve running while putting your body and mind at ease. Here's three ways it helps you as a runner.

The Surprising Similarities Between Studying And Running

Believe it or not, there are some surprising similarities between studying and running. Every student athlete can relate to these scenarios.

Is Social Media Helping Or Hurting Your Running?

Whether it’s posting race selfies or sharing training routes, runners are more connected than ever thanks to social media.

Run A 5-Miler In Just 6 Weeks With This Training Plan

Whether you want to PR or just finish, this training plan can help you jump from a 5K to a 5-miler. Here's how to choose the proper effort.

6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Running

Running tends to parallel our everyday lives in so many ways. Here are some important life lessons we can all learn from running.

How To Find Motivation When You Don’t Feel Like Running

Can't find the motivation to run? Here are a few tips to get you out on the road or trail for days you just don't feel like running.

Is Taking An Ice Bath Worth The Torture?

Research on the benefits of ice baths are mixed. Is a post-run ice bath worth it for you?

Runners Share The Best—And Worst—Advice They’ve Received

New runners get a lot of unsolicited advice...and not all of it is good advice. Our readers shared the best and worst things they heard.

How To Break Out Of Your Running Slump

Finding yourself stuck in a slump happens to every athlete at least once in their career.

What Meb Learned From Time Spent Running With His Family

Near the end of his career, Meb Keflezighi reflects on what running means to him and his family.

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