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6 Tips For Success From Professional Distance Runner Sara Hall

Professional runner Sara Hall shares the 6 tips that have helped to make her a success.

What It’s Like To Run In A War Zone

Many of us go through obstacles in order to run—but have you trained in a war zone?

How To Resume Training After Taking Time Off

What's the best way to get back on track following a layoff from running? This guide explains it all.

How To Train For A Race With Your Partner (Without Killing Each Other)

It's time to set some ground rules if you want to successfully train with a significant other.

3 Key Hill Workouts That Target Speed, Strength and Endurance

We go over three valuable types of hill workouts that you can plug directly into your training and start seeing improvement in your running.

The Truth Behind 10 Running Myths

There are so many facts and myths in running so we are going to break it down. This is the truth behind the top 10 running myths.

Do These 5 Moves Weekly To Strengthen Your Feet

To become stronger for running, your feet need their own exercise program.

3 Expert Tips To Racewalk Your Way Through Your Next Race

Whether you're power walking or racewalking, these expert tips will help you get the most out of your experience.

8 Ways To Be Healthier At Work Without Taking A Lunch Run Break

No runner should be sitting at their desk for 8 hours. If you can't run on our lunch break, try these ideas to be healthier while at work.

8 Hacks To Make Your Running More Efficient And Enjoyable

These life hacks for running will get you out the door faster and make training go much more smoothly.

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