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Workout Of The Week: Push the Tempo (Run)

The tempo run is one of the best training sessions a long-distance runner can do.

Coach Culpepper: Hit The Track Running

Building your speed is just one of the many benefits of running around the oval.

Three Key Workouts For Ultramarathoners

Putting in the miles should allow you to finish an ultra, but mixing up your training will help you finish strong.

Running 101: The 8 Basic Types of Runs

If you want to run your best, you've got to do a variety of workouts.

Beat The Heat: Warm Weather Racing Tips

Use these nine tips to perform optimally in hot conditions.

3 Lunge Variations You Should Be Doing

Everyone knows how to do a basic lunge; these three variations take it to the next level.

5 Ways Heat Affects Running Performance

How heat and humidity affect running performance and how to acclimatize to hot conditions.

Double Time: Working Out Twice A Day

Running on tired legs isn't fun, but it will teach your body how to finish a race strong.

Monday Minute: Assisted Pull-Up

Check out this old-school upper body strengthening exercise!

Is Repetition In Training More Important Than Variation?

Here's why your program may benefit from a little less variation and a little more repetition.

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