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Do This Sprint Workout To Build Up Your Leg Speed

Regular leg speedwork improves your basic speed and means in the long term you’re much less likely to sustain running injuries.

How Well Does Running Fitness Translate To Other Sports?

Find out which sports will help your running and why you will often find athletes from other sports running.

Should Runners Know Their Race Course or Is Ignorance Bliss?

We explore whether it is better for runners to know the course or not.

Why You Should Stretch After Your Run And Not Before

Find out how thoughts on when to stretching have changed and why it is better after a run.

5 Moves Make Up This Effective At-Home Boxing Routine

This boxing circuit should be done three to five times to enhance your power and coordination.

The 5 Benefits of Beach Running

Make sure you follow these rules and tips if you are running barefoot on the beach for the first time.

How To Find The Right Running Coach For You

If you have big running goals, it may be time to hire someone to help you reach them.

Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Running With A Group

Here is your complete guide to running with a group.

He Teaches Math During The Week And Wins Races On Weekends

He's even found a creative way to combine his two passions.

5 Podcasts Every Runner Should Be Listening To Now

Warning: These may make you want to run a few extra miles so you can get some more episodes in.

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