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What Is The Best Age For Running Marathons?

A group of researchers set out to answer this question.

How To Run And Train Through A Hot Summer

Here is everything you need to know about running when the temperatures spike.

This Speed Session Will Help You Run Fast And Relaxed

This speed session hits both aerobic and anaerobic systems for faster yet relaxed running that won't exhaust you at the end of the day.

This Is The Right Way To Recover From A Marathon

Take time to consider these three real race day scenarios—and discover the best practices to properly recover from each one.

Get Tough With These 5 Mental Race Strategies

Not all of these strategies will work for every runner, but one of these tools could be what gets you to the finish faster.

6 Everyday Runners’ Secrets To Survival And Success

You don't have to be a pro to run like a champion. Learn from these runners who balance families, careers and success at running.

A Jump Rope Workout To Improve Strength And Foot Speed

Jumping rope is one of the easiest and fastest cross-training workouts you can do. Take it back to your childhood and build up your body.

A Runner’s Guide To What Not To Do On Social Media

At some point, Facebook and Twitter became places to vent. Runners, read this before you post.

Speed Development 101: Should Distance Runners Sprint?

Most runners have one big general goal: to race faster. So why do so few distance runners do speed workouts?

Olympian Jared Ward Gives Pre-Race Advice For The Marathon

Olympian Jared Ward has a few tips for runners who are prepping for a marathon in the final days leading up to race day.

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