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This Training Structure Is The Key To Injury-Proofing Your Body

With the following coaching advice you can run regularly and say goodbye to long layoffs.

Can Antidepressant Medication Affect Your Running?

Here's what to ask your doctor about the pros and cons of antidepressants—and what to know about seeking treatment as a runner.

13 Tips For The Aging Runner

Even though you may be slow, there are many things to look forward to as an aging runner.

5 Rules To Help You Run Strong In The Summer Heat

To acclimate to this new oven you’re living in and get your running on track, use the following strategies on your body and your workout.

How To Start Running Again After A Short Break In Training

Sometimes life commitments cause us to miss a run—or weeks worth of runs.

This Hill Workout Will Help You Finish Your Next Race Strong

When your body is tired at the end of the race, it needs to be strong to help you reach your top speed. This workout will get you there.

Couch-To-5K Apps To Get You Up And Running

These Couch to 5K apps send training plans right to your phone to help you tackle your first 13.1.

Almost Any Runner Can Finish A 100-Mile Ultramarathon

Coach Jason Koop explains that success at running an ultramarathon doesn't mean you have to run fast, it's about preventing failures.

4 Simple Stretches You Should Do After Every Run

Stay flexible and injury-free with this feel-good routine!

How To Integrate Cross-Training Into Your Running

There's a reason many runners fail to cross-train effectively and Olympian Alan Culpepper shares the new way to approach it.

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