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How to Run Your Fastest 10K Ever

The 10K takes endurance AND speed. Here's how to prepare yourself.

Workout of the Week: 5-n-Go Tempo

The tempo run is one of the most valuable training tools a runner has, and this workout is an effective variation.

Workout Of The Week: The Mixed Bag

Can't decide between hill repeats, an interval session, or a tempo run? Try rolling them all into one workout!

Three Tips For Avoiding A DNF On Race Day

Use these three tips next time things aren't going well and you're tempted to press the eject button.

5 Ways To Support Your Ultrarunner

A supportive crew can be a critical component to a positive ultramarathon experience.

Running Form Drill: Straight-Leg Runs

Use this drill to improve coordination and turnover.

5 Lesser-Known Reasons Why Squats Are So Good for You

This piece first appeared on Women’s Running.  A popular part of cross-training, squats have a reputation for making your booty

Workout of the Week: Alan Culpepper’s Track Tempo Run

This heart-rate based workout will help you easily track progress.

How ‘Perception of Effort’ Can Make or Break a Race

Jenny Simpson's final race as a college runner was a fascinating example of how the mind can limit the body.

Strength Training for Runners: Pistol Squats

This isolated leg exercise can help build strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

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