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How To Set Up Your Weekly Mileage For Smarter Running

A runner's weekly mileage is a good indicator of running success. Here are some tips on how to schedule your runs throughout the week.

How To Run The Perfect Pace Without A GPS Watch

With all the dependence on technology these days, many runners have no sense of pace.

3 Ways That Running Has Majorly Benefited My Life With A Chronic Illness

If you think you can't run because of chronic illness, one runners shows that it can be done.

Combat Injury With This Resistance Band Workout

A resistance band workout can allow you to better target certain muscle groups above and beyond what you could do with free weights.

The Best Qualities To Look For In An Ideal Running Partner

Make sure you go through this entire checklist before running with someone new.

Two Runners On Why They Do—And Don’t—Train With Music

One runner shares why they choose to train to tunes, while another explains why she leaves the headphones at home in favor of nature.

4 Reasons To Hit The Sand And Go For A Run On The Beach

There is absolutely no reason why you should pass up the sand on your next vacation and hit up the treadmill or roads, instead.

You May Think You Don’t Need A Running Coach But Really You Do

Believe it or not, a running coach may be even more important for middle and back-of-the-pack runners than for professional athletes.

Here’s How You Can Stay Fit When You Are Injured

If you are injured and worried about losing the fitness you've build up, use these smart strategies to keep up your running fitness.

Why You Shouldn’t Take A Nap Immediately Following A Run

It can be tempting to just crawl right into bed as soon as you've logged your miles, but there is a reason you should wait.

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