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Information related to womens running.

Competitor Q&A: Jen Rhines

Three time Olympian Jen Rhines sits down with Shanna Sparks to discuss how she stays hungry during her long career,  her huge range and

Girl Gear Review: Moving Comfort Sports Bras

Online editor Liz Hichens reviews sports bras from Moving Comfort in this week’s edition of Girl Gear. With most athletic companies it

Competitor Q&A: Jenny Barringer

Jenny Barringer took some time to meet up with Shanna Sparkes to talk about her recent 1500m success and how her training for the

Shoe Talk-Women’s Specific Shoes

Running shoe companies have started a new trend of making running shoes specifically for women.  Sean McKeon takes a look at the

Interview With Mary Slaney

Mary Slaney discusses the roadblocks she faced as an amateur, female track athlete in the 70’s and 80’s. by Bob Babbitt Bob

Liza Galvan’s Victory At Princess Half Marathon Caps 3-Day Celebration Of Women’s Health And Fitness

Over 11,000 runners participate in one of largest endurance race weekends geared towards women.

Meet The Ultra Woman

Duane Thomas put the pompous Super Bowl in its place back in 1972 when the moody Dallas Cowboys running back asked, “If it’s

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