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How-To: Carbohydrate Manipulation For Better Performance

Use this nutrition strategy to boost physical and mental fitness when preparing for your next marathon.

Video: A Comedian Duo’s Guide to Running

The Sklar Brothers take a comedic look at how you might be running wrong.

Tech Trends: Which GPS Running App Is Right For You?

Each app has strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to determine the features you find most important.

Soy: An Unhealthy Health Food?

Is soy providing the health benefits we think it is?

Photos: 2015 Special Olympics World Games

The inspiring photos in this gallery are a testament to the notion that the freedom, courage, determination and joy of sport are truly

Eminem: Running Was My Recovery

The successful rapper beat an addiction to prescription painkillers with the help of running.

The Perfect Warmup For Speed Workouts

Learn how to warm up properly so you can get the most out of your next speed workout or race.

Shoe Talk: Zoot Diego

A look at one of Zoot's newest cushioned trainers.

Ireland Natives Win Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin

In all, 48 countries were represented in the field.

Photos: Thousands Take Part in Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon

Thousands of runners took part in the 3rd annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon on Sunday. The race started at 8:30 a.m. Sunday

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