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Love Your Maximalist Shoes? What You Need to Know

Mobility, balance and stability are important for all runners, regardless of what style of shoe you you wear.

Friday Workout: The Hill-Tempo Sandwich

This workout mixes two training elements into the same workout—giving you more bang for your buck!

6 Key Factors To Achieving Your Marathon Goal

Coach Greg McMillan shares a few critical, controllable factors that contribute to whether or not you will run well race day.

Should You Lose Weight and Train for a Race at the Same Time?

Running can help you lose weight, but losing weight and racing fast are two distinctly different goals.

Yuki Kawauchi Added to Chicago Marathon Roster

This fall, Boston Marathon champion Yuki Kawauchi will be heading to the Chicago Marathon’s starting line and will be joined by fellow

The Rundown: Brooks Levitate 2

THE RUNDOWN: Brooks Levitate 2 delivers a consistently smooth ride but has room for improvement Surface: Road    Pronation: Neutral  

Tim Freriks Primed For a Win at Western States

Ultrarunner Tim Freriks seems like the kind of person who is naturally good at anything he does. But he would never tell you that. When

One-Hour Workout: Uphill Tempo Run

No matter the surface or distance—from 5K’s to 10K’s and 100-milers in the mountains—everyone can benefit from hill training. Over

7 Eco-Friendly Products for the All-Natural Runner

No doubt that as an avid runner, you’re probably cognizant of the importance of protecting not only your body but also the terrain you

Expert Tips on Becoming a Forever Runner

Article originally appeared on Women’s Running. Get enough sleep.“The average woman sleeps six hours and 45 minutes per night but

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