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Shoe Of The Week: Brooks Cascadia 10

This is a rare trail shoe that can conquer just about every kind terrain pretty well.

Video: Running With Arthritis

How do you maintain an active lifestyle when you have arthritis?

Why It’s Important To Run Fast—And Slow!

In this video, we explore the mechanical benefits of slow running and why it's important to develop your full gamut of running gears.

Q&A: Steve Scott Talks the Mile, Carlsbad 5000 and Coaching

The track great shares his thoughts on a variety of topics.

No Matter the Obstacle, These Running Streaks Keep Going

A Minnesota TV station took a closer look at some of the longest active running streaks.

Why I Run: Jenny Simpson

We asked world champion Jenny Simpson a simple question: Why do you run?

How Many Calories Does Running Burn?

Figuring out the answer involves a fairly straightforward calculation, but the overall equation is not as simple as it seems.

Video: BOSU Ball VMO Dips

Work on the stabilizing muscles of your knees with this challenging exercise.

2015 Running Gear Guide: Wearable Tech

From GPS watches to heart-rate monitors, we put a variety of wearable tech to the test.

2015 Running Gear Guide: Women’s Running Bottoms

Fit, feel and performance are put to the test in these women's running bottoms.

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