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NYRR Wants To Break A World Record For Global Running Day

In honor of Global Running Day, NYRR is attempting to set a world record at this fun event.

5 Inventions Runners Desperately Need

In a perfect world, all of these amazing inventions would exist.

Carbs Vs. Fat Fueled Workouts: Which Is Better?

This may make you rethink your next pre-race meal.

The Truth About Protein Powders

Athletes are protein powder obsessed, but is it really the best way to add protein to your diet?

7 Foods Runners Should Eat Every Day

Pump up your health and athletic performance with these healthy foods!

Ultrarunners To Compete In FKT Race On China’s Yuzhu Peak

On May 20, ultrarunners Stevie Kremer and Anna Frost will be competing in a challenging 12km FKT race up China's Yuzhu Peak.

Tech Buzz: First Look At Advanced Earphones, Fitness Trackers And Apps

This month we review new smart earphones from Life-Beam, the Garmin Vivosmart 3, and a brand new Runkeeper app.

How To Run And Train Through A Hot Summer

Here is everything you need to know about running when the temperatures spike.

Nike Lights Up The Night With First LED Running Track

Nike just built the world's first LED running track in Manila that allows runners to race against themselves and get lap-by-lap feedback.

40 Races For Her 40th Birthday—And Sponsoring 40 Runners

Jenna Powers wanted to challenge herself with 40 races in her 40th year. But she also wanted to help other new runners.

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