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What The Editors Can’t Run Without

Check out the running gear the editors can't run without for the month of September and psst...there's a discount code in here!

Could The Secret Weapon Of Pro Athletes Help Keep Runners Healthy?

The TheraGun is a new handheld vibration therapy tool that pro athletes are using. But could this be a new secret weapon for runners?

8 Foods Ideal For Runners To Grill Up This Weekend

Fire up the grill—or grab a grill pan—and mix and match these eight foods that have extra nutrition and benefits for runners.

Berlin Marathon Blocking Media From Parliament During Election

Roughly seven media outlets have been barred from setting up in front of the German parliament building due to the Berlin Marathon.

Now You Can Buy Genetic Testing Kits At The Pharmacy

This summer, select CVS Pharmacy locations began stocking genetic testing kits on their shelves.

7 Laws You Might Be Breaking On Your Run

You could be breaking laws on your run and not even know it. Here are seven mid-run activities that are illegal in certain states.

3 Apps Helping Runners Stay Connected And Inspired

These three apps are making it easy for runners to keep up with each others' progress, find new running spots and even have GIF wars.

How To Watch The World Record Attempt At The Berlin Marathon     

Three of the most talented marathoners will be vying for to break the world record at this Sunday's Berlin Marathon. Here is how to watch.

Spartan Race Series Is Heading To Iceland For Their World Championship

To add a challenge to obstacle racers, Spartan Race Series will be holding their world championships in Iceland in the middle of December.

Here’s The National Geographic Breaking2 Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For

National Geographic followed the three world-class marathoners in Italy as they worked to reach the sub-2-hour marathon barrier.

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