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The Expert’s On-The-Course Guide To Spectating The Boston Marathon

Hear from longtime Boston participants and spectators on the best spots along the course for spectating the race and where to celebrate

Does Compression Gear Actually Work?

A new study casts some doubt about the effect compression has on runners' performance. But there still could be some benefit to the gear.

Turkish Runners Banned For Doping; Will Lose Olympic And World Championship Medals

Runners Elvan Abeylegesse and Gamze Bulut will serve suspensions for doping.

5 Foods Full Of Nutrients That Are In Season This Spring

Get the freshest fruits and vegetables by knowing what is in season. Here are a few that you should be eating in the spring.

How to Eliminate Walk Breaks During Your Run

Here are a few ways to run longer and get faster.

13.1 Things to Know About Running A Half Marathon

It’s time to focus on the essential tips you will need to know to run 13.1 miles, and, hopefully, have a blast while doing it!

Costumes, Charity and Spring Cheer At Boston’s Hop 21 Training Run

The traditional training run from Hopkinton to Heart Break Hill (about 21.5 miles) has become a popular community day for Boston

Boston Marathon Spectating Tips From TV Announcer Craig Masback

Whether you're in Boston or watching from home, here's how you can watch all of the action on race day—and what to look out for.

Salomon Launches Clean Sport and Athlete Transparency Initiative

In an announcement of its sponsorship of five major global trail races, Salomon is also launching its Athlete Transparency Program.

Two World Records Set In The Indoor Marathon This Weekend

World and American records fell as runners completed 26.2 miles on an indoor track at the NYC Indoor Marathon this weekend.

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